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Last Update on 01/15/13


Before you proceed, I would like to make a plea to you. I am asking you to respect my wishes, for MY puppies. Simply put, I have an idea in my head of the kind of home, I want for my puppies. Since I have raised them, and I am responsible for their welfare, I am well within my rights to choose homes based on any criteria I want.

It is not about you, I mean it. I want homes who:

  •  are certain that this dog is going to be with you for the rest of it's life (no matter what).

  • have no more than 2 dogs already, so this baby gets enough attention and love.

  • will not breed their puppies, not even once (get them fixed as soon as possible)

  • have read all of the information below, so they are totally informed about Chugs, and us.

  • are willing to keep in touch for at least the first year, and send photos as they grow.

  • will join our Facebook page (this one is not required, but it helps).

If even one of these things is something that you can't agree to, please get a Chug somewhere else. In other words, if you feel you need to "hide" something, or "tweak" the information a little, you are the wrong home, and you know it. It is very hurtful to me when I find out someone has lied, or did not keep their word. Save us both time, aggravation, and hurt feelings and just back out now. Thank you.

About Chugs, and puppies, in general:
1. What is a Chug? A Chug is a cross between a Chihuahua, and a Pug. Our Chug's are pure, straight run Chugs. By that I mean, we only use 2 purebred parent's to make the cross. We do not breed Chug to Chug, Chug to Pug, or Chug to Chihuahua. Our parents are all dual registered (AKC & APRI). Our puppies are registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC). Other names used for this breed are "pugwawa", "pughuahua", and "chugg". However, only "Chug" is recognized by all of the registry's, except one. The International registry recognizes them as "Chugg". Typically an uneducated backyard breeder uses the term "pugwawa" or "pughuahua".
2. How big does a Chug get? I can't speak for all Chugs, but our puppies can range from 4 pounds - 17 pounds full grown, depending on which parent they are taking after. We cannot really determine who will be what, due to the range of growth possibilities. So please be prepared for any size in that range, before you commit. A basic rule of thumb with most puppies is, they are 1/3 of their adult weight, at 8 weeks old. That will not be exact, but it is pretty close. Another thing to remember: Once your puppy is full grown you will need to limit their diet to the instructions on the bag. They also need to have exercise each day. Chihuahuas, Pugs, and Chugs can very easily become overweight if not fed, and exercised, properly. Some people think it's cute when they're fat. But it's very bad for their over all health, and joints.

While I am addressing the size issue, I would like to add, that a puppy is NOT full grown until they are 18 months old. They will reach their maximum height by the time they are a year old, and then finish filling out for the next 6 months. I hear people say that pet stores, and some breeders, told them that their 2 pound, 3 month old Chihuahua, is full grown. A Chihuahua that size, at that age, will be closer to 4 - 5 pounds  when it is actually full grown.

3. What is the temperament of a Chug? I can't speak for all Chugs, it depends on the breeder, and the stock they chose to breed from. Our Chugs have gone to quite a mix of families in the past, from singles, to families with small children, and other dogs and cats, or all three.
Our babies are socialized with other people, kids who visit, other dogs, cats, and even ducks. There really isn't much they aren't used to when they leave here, except horses, we don't have those anymore - LOL!

My stock are very sweet dogs, many were rescued from larger facilities, and are eternally grateful and loyal. They are shy around strangers, but never aggressive. I wouldn't expect anything less, given where they came from.

We are still in touch with MOST of our previous owners. Exceptions are people who did not keep their word. Those people make it harder for new potential owners to get approved. Please don't be one of those people.

All of the families who do keep in touch, love their Chugs, and some of this years families, were referred to us by last years families.

4. Will the puppies have long hair, or short hair? As you have probably noticed, both daddy's have long hair. We have chosen these guys for the options of occasional long coats, and other colors. However, the mom's have strong genes, and most puppies ultimately end up short hair, with fawn coats, and dark faces. We won't be able to tell if they are long coats, until they are about 6 weeks old.
5. Will the puppies be housetrained? It is nearly impossible to fully housetrain several puppies at the same time. Unless I watched them non-stop 24/7, how would I know who made the mistake? However, they will be started, and very close to complete, by the time they leave here. We start all of the puppies on litterbox training from the moment they can walk. When the puppy goes home, we include a follow up guide on how to complete the litterbox training, and/or transition to outdoor training. Every dog at Cheeks and Chugs has learned to use a litterbox. It has been wonderful in severe weather, when they don't want to go outside (and neither do we). It is also great if you can't get home in time to let them out. We are here to help. Every puppy learns differently. We may need to make adjustments, or try some different tricks, to get your puppy finished up. You can e-mail me anytime for advice.
6. Which sex is better? The only time sex will make a difference, is if you don't spay or neuter, prior to 6 months of age. At 6 months your puppy will hit sexual maturity.
  • Your female will start having her heats every 6 months or so. During that time she will be crabby and snappy, and make a bloody mess on everything she touches. The mood will last about 20 days, the blood about 10 days. She will draw every male within 5 miles, and may even pee on the floor and furniture, trying to draw them in. Then she will go back to her old self, until the next heat.
  • Your male will start lifting his leg, humping things, and wandering off if a female is in heat within 5 miles. He may begin fighting with other males, to establish his dominance. Unfortunately, once these behaviors start, he will not return to his old self, even with the neuter.

So, simply put, if you can't get them fixed right away, you may want to go with a female. But please: If you can't get them fixed right away, be responsible. Unplanned and planned litters, by unprofessional breeders, are the REAL cause of the over population problem.

7. What should I get for my new puppy? Our recommended shopping list can be found by clicking here, or going to the Site Map.
8. Isn't "Chug" just a fancy name for "mutt"? This is a matter of opinion. However, as a matter of fact, all breeds started out as "mutts". Every "Pure" breed is a combination of 2 or more breeds, bred to produce certain physical characteristics, or personality attributes. Usually specific to the type of work, or atmosphere, that the breed will be used in. Chugs are bred to be family pets. They are bred for adorable looks, outgoing  and comedic personalities, and a similarity to their purebred parents, while reducing the breathing, and temperament issues, of the two pure breeds.
About us, our Services, and our Policies:
1. What comes with a Chug puppy? All puppies come with:
  • ACHC registration papers. When you send your papers in, you will have the option to order a pedigree, and the ACHC will also give you a FREE engraved ID tag.

  • All shots and dewormings current. A shot record folder with all the details will be included.

  • Dew Claws removed.

  • A photo CD of all of their weekly baby pictures from birth - 8 weeks old, videos, and a photo of mom and dad. (Previous Photos can be viewed in the photo gallery)

  • A small bag of Pedigree puppy food, to get you started. (Please do not change foods until your puppy is at least 6 months old.)

  • A Housetraining Guide. I have been a trainer for over 20 years, these are proven tips and tricks I have used.

  • Everything comes in a gift bag. (Pink for girls, Blue for boys)

2. What forms of payment do you accept? I accept Cash & PayPal. No personal checks. Paypal online only, please request an invoice. (You do not have to have a Paypal account to use your credit, or debit card, through Paypal.)

Invoices will come from our Pet Apparel store "Layla's Closet".

3. Do you have any references? To protect the privacy of my customers, I do not ask them for references. However, several of them have made reviews on our site. You can read our Reviews by clicking here.
4. How do I make a deposit to hold a puppy?
  • You must be pre-approved to purchase a puppy, before making a deposit. Deposits sent without approval, will be cancelled.

  • When you inquire about a puppy, the first thing I am going to do, is send you to this page. I expect you to read the entire page, before proceeding.

  • The second step will be to send me a detailed description of the home in which the puppy will be living. Include information about the number and ages of family members, other pets, type of home (apartments, house, etc.), family schedule (how long will the puppy be alone each day). At the end of this application, I want you to acknowledge the plea, at the top of this page. I want your written promise that you will abide by those terms. You can send this application right away, when you inquire, if you wish. Just put "APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION" in the subject.

  • The third step is Approval. If you are not approved. I will send back you app, with "DECLINED" in the subject. This is not personal, and I have thought it through very thoroughly. It is unlikely that you will change my mind. And attacks will fall on deaf ears, so you can keep it to yourself. If you are approved I will send it back with "APPROVED" in the subject. Then you can send a request to make a deposit.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 will hold the puppy of your choice, until you can pick it up. The deposit is applied to the purchase price. The puppy must be picked up within 7 days of purchase, (or by the end of the first weekend after the puppy is ready to go, for pre-orders), unless you have made prior arrangements. If the puppy is not picked up in that time, you forfeit your deposit, and the puppy becomes available again. Deposits can be made by Paypal or Personal Check. However, a personal check will not hold the puppy, until the check is here. I highly recommend using Paypal to make a deposit. If someone else puts a deposit on the same puppy with Paypal, before your check gets here, you will be given the option to choose a different puppy, or I will void your check, and send you a photo copy of the voided check by e-mail. Exception: I will only issue a refund if we decide to back out of the sale, for any reason.

  • Request an Invoice: You must request an invoice to make a deposit. Please include the name of the puppy, and the e-mail address associated with your Paypal account, in your request. Invoices will come from our Pet Apparel store "Layla's Closet".

  • Just requesting an invoice does not hold a puppy, you must pay it. Please do not request an invoice until you are actually ready to pay it. Invoices expire in 24 hours, or if someone else makes a deposit on the same puppy, before you pay. If your invoice is cancelled, you will have to request a new one.

  • I do not accept deposits on unborn puppies. Once babies are here, you can make a deposit on a specific puppy. Deposits may not be transferred to another puppy, unless something has happened to the puppy you reserved. If that happens, you will be given the option to choose another, or be refunded your full deposit.

  • I will not hold puppies without a deposit - No exceptions.

  • Puppies must be paid in full, before they can leave. Please bring the balance in CASH to pick up, if you have not paid in full online already.

5. Do you ship puppies? Sorry, I do not ship my puppies. I will bring them in to Fargo, Casselton, Hillsboro, or Mayville for free, if you like. I have had customers fly to Fargo to pick up their puppy, so the puppy can ride home in the plane cabin with them. If that is an option for you, it is the only way I will let them fly.
6. What about a Health Guarantee? I have never had any health issues with the puppies before. But, if your vet determines that your puppy has a serious illness, or genetic problem, you can return it for a full refund, or exchange for a different puppy of your choice, when puppies are available.  You must have documentation from a licensed veterinarian, to prove your claim. Any illness that has been vaccinated for, is not covered under the guarantee. Neither are worms. It is the responsibility of the new owner to maintain your puppy's vaccines, and dewormings,  once they leave my care.
7. Can I change the puppy's name? Of course! Temporary names are easier to use when a buyer wants to discuss, and reserve, a specific puppy. Numbers and/or letters are confusing, and in my opinion, brand the puppies as livestock. Once you have made your deposit, we will send a follow up e-mail. In that e-mail we tell you to let us know when you decide on a name. Once you have named the puppy, the website and facebook page, will be updated with the new name. We will also start calling your puppy by that name until it's time to go, so they are used to it already, when they leave.
8. Why did I get declined to buy a puppy? The first thing to remember is, it's not personal. I don't know you, so how can it be? Factors that come into play are:
  • Failure to read the website. Questions that were answered on the website, tell me you didn't do much research on us. I will send you the link again when you ask, but if it happens twice I will no longer take you seriously.
  • Vague, or no answers, to my questions. If you think I am being too nosey, then go to the pet store. They could care less where the puppy is going, and won't ask you a thing. The same way they didn't ask where it was coming from.
  • Someone in the household doesn't seem to really want a puppy. People with spouses who hate little dogs, need not apply.
  • Way too many animals (unless you live on a farm, of course). We don't like animal collectors / hoarders.
  • Heavy work / school schedules that will leave the puppy alone too much.
  • Didn't ask any questions before asking to make a deposit. I treat that as an impulsive shopper. No pet should ever be purchased on an impulse. This is a living thing, not shoes.
  • Breeders. We have rescued most of our dogs from large facilities. I don't want to send any of their children back to that situation. Our puppies are looking for a family to call their own.
  • "Non-Breeders" - these are people who say that are not a breeder, but do allow their dogs to get pregnant and have puppies. If you're not a breeder, and have puppies, you are actually worse than a breeder in my eyes. Breeding dogs without proper qualifications makes you an irresponsible pet owner.
  • Poor communication. This indicates that you will not be willing to keep in touch, or send photos for the first year.
  • Being caught in a lie, even a little one: I HATE LIARS. Trying to hide things is also considered lying.
  • and most importantly, my own gut. If I get a bad feeling for any reason, I won't do it. It has only happened a couple of times. When I didn't listen to my gut I never saw, or heard about the puppy again. It eats me everyday.

All of these reasons are the things that lead to dogs ending up on craigslist. I don't ever want to see one of my babies on craigslist, or in a shelter. They are good dogs, and do not deserve to be dumped like trash.

Once I have made up my mind, I seldom change it back. In fact, I never have so far. Once you have been declined, you are added to my address book as a blocked buyer, so please don't bother trying next year. All e-mails from blocked buyers are ignored.

9. Puppies as a gift, or surprise: We do not allow surprises. The person who will own the dog, is the person who must do the application for adoption. I cannot hold someone else responsible for a promise that you made. I also feel that puppies are not good "surprises". A puppy is a long term commitment. The person who will be responsible for the puppy, is the only person who should make such a commitment. They should also be able to choose the puppy they like. Maybe your favorite in the litter, is their least favorite. Your surprise will have to be that you found a breeder, and are willing to pay for the puppy, if your intended actually wants one.
10. Important Policies you must know before making a deposit:
  • Please remember, until they leave my care, they are my puppies. I reserve the right to back out of the sale, or refuse to sell, for ANY reason. Even if you drove 300 miles.

  • Puppies may be returned. However, we will not issue a refund. Please be certain that you are ready for a new puppy, before you buy.

  • If you are not willing to stay in touch, and send us a few photos now and then, for at least the first year, please buy a puppy somewhere else.

  • Puppies cannot be visited before their 6 week booster shot, nor picked up before their ready to go date  - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Website / Facebook Page Questions:
1. It's the litter's weekly birthday, where are the new photos? As much fun as the photos are to take, they are not easy to take - LOL! If the puppies are squirmy, and uncooperative, it can take an hour to do just one of them. Once the shoot is done, then the editing begins. Depending on how many good shots I got, it can take several hours to do this. Your best bet is to "Like" the facebook page ( All photos are posted on there first. (Sorry, the fans take priority). I do my best to get them up by early afternoon, but some weeks that isn't possible. Weekly birthdays can also be booster shot day, and that keeps me busy a little longer. Thank you for your patience ;) (Your personal Facebook page stays private from us, and other users.)
2. Where are the videos, and other photos? Any extra photos we take during the week, are exclusive to our Facebook page fans. Videos are on Facebook only, for the first 2 days, then they are also added to our YouTube channel. We like new owners to be on the Facebook page. It is the optimal way for us all to stay in touch. So obviously, we are going to make some perks for the Facebook page users.  Buyers: Extra photos, and videos, will be on your new puppy's baby book CD.
3. Certain things are not showing up, or a link isn't working: If you are having any technical difficulties with our site, please let me know. Sometimes different browsers can cause different issues. If you are on a different browser than me, I may never discover the problem.

If you are having trouble with the Facebook page, let me know that too. I may not be able to fix it, but I can try.

General / Additional Questions:
1. Why did you decide not to raise Cheeks? In our research of the Pekingese breed, we discovered a multitude of very common health problems. One ex-breeder told us, that the breed was nearly extinct at one time, and she wishes it would have been left alone. She now rescues Pekingese instead. Because of the fact that the problems are so serious, and common, we decided it wasn't worth the risk, even in a cross.
2. You are too far away from us, how do I know if I am dealing with a good Chug breeder? There are three main things, I tell people to watch for:
  • If you find a breeder, and the mom is the Chihuahua, the breeder is no good. Anyone who knows what they are doing, and cares about their dogs, would never breed a female Chihuahua to a male Pug. A female Chihuahua should never be bred to anything bigger than she is, not even another Chihuahua. They can have trouble whelping, even when they are bred to something smaller, so the risk goes much higher if the stud is bigger. It can result in C-sections, and even death. That is the easy, high risk way, to raise Chugs. If they play dumb, and say they didn't know, my next question would be, "Why in the hell are you breeding dogs??". You shouldn't be breeding if you haven't researched your breeds, and have at least, basic veterinary knowledge. That means a lot of studying!
  • The right way is to artificially inseminate a female Pug, with a male Chihuahua specimen. Male Chihuahua's can rarely reach, and hang on, to female Pugs. And even if they can, the Pug is much stronger, and will yank and drag him around, which can cause serious damage to his genitals, that also may be fatal. If the breeder is not properly trained in artificial insemination, they can also give both parents a serious infection. The infection can render the dogs infertile, and if serious enough, also be fatal.
  • Over breeding: If the dogs are allowed to breed every time they come in heat, it is not only dangerous to the mother's health, it ultimately lessens the quality of the pups. Poor health, and bad temperament, can be a result of that. A dog should have a year to recuperate after having puppies, before she is bred again. It takes a very hard toll on their bodies. Our girls look awful after they wean their puppies. I can't imagine breeding them again right away. At the same time, over breeding a male, lessens the quality of his sperm. One male should have no more than 3 females in his group, and each female should only be bred once a year.
  • A professional breeder has done their homework. One sure sign that homework was not done, is that they refer to this breed as "Pugwawas" or "Pughuahuas". These names are not recognized by any of the registry's.

Simply put, raising Chugs is hard. That's why they are hard to find. I am sad to think how many Chihuahuas have probably died at the hands of backyard breeders, and puppy mills, trying to make a fast buck. I raise them, because I absolutely love them. We are not making big money here. As long as my kennel breaks even, I am happy. And believe me, with only 3 litters per year, that's a tough one - LOL!


More questions will be added, as they are asked. Thank you for taking the time to read ;)

Last Update on 1/15/13

If you didn't find the answer above, contact us:

E-mail us: Please include the name of the puppy you are inquiring about, if you have decided on one.  This is the easiest, fastest and best way to get a response from me. To insure receipt of our responses, add our e-mail address to your approved senders. If you didn't get a response, please check your bulk/spam folder.

Phone: My phone doesn't like to ring here on the farm, and has very poor reception. If you would prefer to call, instead of e-mail, please send me your phone number, and I will call you when I have a chance. Please remember, if it hangs up while we are talking, it was the phone, not me, who was rude to you. I will call right back.

I typically respond immediately. However, Friday's and the puppies weekly birthdays, are very busy around here. There may be delays on those two days. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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